Dream Boat Cruising

Bette Waters - Gerald Curwin, 2008

Dream Boat CruisingThree inexperienced sailors leave Detroit, sailing through a life-threatening gale on Lake Erie, flood in the Erie Barge Canal, breath-taking NY harbor, a boat fire in NJ, nor’easter storms, running out of gas, and arriving safely in Charleston, SC 33 days later.

We locked the doors, parked the van, caught a ride to the river and set sail that October in 1981. Like birds migrating, something pulled and we went.

Size 8.5 X 8.5
Paperback -112 pages with 36 color photos taken by the authors
Price: $29.95

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The ship’s log adventures of the Bette Lou rival my tugboat years in the Bering Sea.
.... Charles Nushart, Chief Engineer, Retired

I stayed up until 0130 reading. These adventurous souls decide to follow their dream, buy a boat, haul anchor, and are chased by winter storms from Lake Erie to SC. A life-changing feat many of us wish for, but lack the courage.
... Laura Leveque, MA Columnist
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