Children Of Big Sioux

Paul Bringman

Children of Big Sioux book cover"Once immersed, Big Sioux mud forever possesses the soul," The Peccary

Paul Bringman's first book about the Sioux River, entitled Riversioux, fictionalizes his great grandfather, Alanson. Upon finishing the book, I felt like I had lost a family member when his protagonist great grandfather dies of old age. This book is full of more family stories.

Randy McCowan - El Perdido, The Lost One

This true volume is interspersed with the genius of Paul's writings and brother David's poetry as well as his other siblings' voices.

Bette Waters - My Mother Was A Spaceship


Poignant stories about growing up poor on the banks of the Sioux River in Iowa in the mid-twentieth century.

G. B. Eubanks - The Roosevelt Gambit

Price: $15.95

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