Beef Jerky Muscles On Barbed Wire Bones

Thurston Comstock as told to Bette Waters, 2008

Beef Jerky Muscles On Barbed Wire Bones book coverThis is an oral history of a 20th Century cowboy, how he lived the cowboy code as horse trainer, business man, family man, and purveyor of cowboy justice.

Described by his partner, Vic Williams, as the only man mean enough to build the 221 mile fence between the Hopi and Navajo Indians reservations in 1975.

Illustrated with photographs and maps that track his participation in The Last Cattle Drive, 1975, driving 300 head of cattle from Willcox, Arizona, to Tucson, as a tribute to the American Cowboy in celebration of the 1976 United States Bicentennial.

The book, Beef Jerky Muscles on Barbed Wire Bones by Thurston Comstock has been placed in the Labriola National American Indian Data Center in Hayden Library on the ASU Tempe Campus. ASU Libraries catalog search can be on the library catalog


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,,, joins the list of contemporary western lives that are the essence of western history, a clear picure of the cowboy way of life that is waning with the new century. Thurston's trading horses and cattle is a particular art form few perfect. These episodes are real, told in real language. Beef Jerky Muscles On Barbed Wire Bones deserves reading and permanent place on any western bookshelf.
.... John Duncklee, Award Winning Poet, author of 15 books and short stories, including "Coyotes I Have Known"

American icons--cowboy and truck driver. For years I herded an air polluting, oil leaking, big rig across America's great expanse. When I wasn't dodging scales or cursing the weather, I dreamed of being a Cowboy like Thurston Comstock.
... Paul Bringman, GDF, River Sioux