13 Weeks – Anthology of Screenplays

Editor Bette Waters

13 Weeks book coverSix Students, one professor, thirteen weeks, six screenplays created with hard work and hilarious fun. (Note: GOOD WILL HUNTING award winning movie was originally a college course assignment for co-author Matt Damon)

High Seas Passage, a coming-of-age story of young men who work their way toward maturity on a horseship bound for Greece in 1946. These southern white males are as peculiar, real, and exposed as a Harry Crews novel.

It Happened in Lemming, a tongue in cheek satire about a serious subject, environmental abuse of the west, and one of our oldest western themes, the good guys vs. the bad guys.

Dead Men Drift, a desert landscape artist and her donkey witness a crime at an abandoned mine site. The donkeys survival instincts save the day.

Student Lawyers by Cal West, song writer turned mystery writer, whose name conjures wild sunsets and sharp cacti, gives the reader a surprise ending.

Dreaming Hollywood – despite bureaucratic bumbling the heavy equipment operator finds the bodies and the determination to follow his dreams.

Family breaks the rules about family secrets. Richard Scramstad has the courage to tell. This scene is based on a biography, soon to be a book.

Size 9 X 7
230 pages
Perfect Bind
Price: $21.95

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